Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin carving

I know that it has been well over a month since our last posting but things have been crazy busy in the Bosch household for the past month or so and it seems like every weekend for the month of November is booked solid as well. We have been to a wedding, gone to football games, had a Pampered Chef party and did many more things over the past month.

For the past three years we have carved pumpkins before Halloween some have been interesting like the Razorback Mayline did and the Tuck Texas one that Chris did a few years ago. So, I decided that this year I would let everyone guess who carved out which pumpkin.

Pumpkin 1:Pumpkin 2:
Pumpkin 3:

Your choices are Chris, Mayline and Melonie, leave us a comment and let us know which pumpkin belongs to the correct person. Good luck!


Heather said...

No way I could ever figure out who did which pumpkin! But I love #2! That is awesome.

Bosch Family said...

Mayline did pumpkin 1 and Chris did pumpkin 2. I'm glad that you thought my pumpkin was awesome!