Monday, August 18, 2008

Bird watching

Chris went to Lowe's Saturday night to buy some stuff to help organize the garage and being the sweet and wonderful husband that he is he came home with a surprise for me! We have wanted some patio furniture for our front porch for awhile because the space is so large and we also wanted a place to sit and relax. But we never found anything that we wanted that we could afford. Well Lowe's had all of their patio furniture 50% off so Chris bought me a cute little set. I want to put some kind of plant on the table to make it look homier (it's not like we don't have enough plants already!). So if any you of need patio furniture or gardening supplies now is the time to buy them because most stores have them on sale.

Now I can sit outside and watch the neighbors and take pictures of our crazy hummingbirds. You have to be careful when you come over because you might get hit in the head by some of them bzzing by. We have two feeders in the back and two in the front and I think that we could probably use another 2 to 3.

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