Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Name that....plant

We have gotten so much rain here that our backyard looks like a jungle; we have all different types of flowers and plants that are blooming. We also have a major infestation of Japanese Beatles, but hopefully after the second round of spraying they will be dead soon. So, when you are in the back yard you have to watch out for bugs flying all around you. There are a lot of plants that are growing in the yard that we have no clue what they are, although there are a few that we know. I have taken pictures of pretty much all of the plants that are blooming and if you know what they are leave us a comment and tell us what it is.

Front yard
BackyardDaylilies in a variety of colors:

??, it is a vine that was growing in one of the flower beds:
??, there are tons of bulbs that are planted in our flower beds in a variety of colors
??, these flowers just started blooming and are gorgeous; I didn't take a very good picture of this one:
I didn't post pictures of the Calla Lilies, roses, pansies and trumpet vine because I figured most people knew what those looked like.


Bosch Family said...

I have figured out what the mystery plants are, with a little help from my Library co-workers. The first plant is a Passion flower, the bulbs are gladiolus, and the last flower is a Oriental Lily.

The Langhams said...

yeah, I suppose the bladder's gotta be full early on...haha, it was I was telling her! :)