Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing Reginald

Here is a picture of Reginald. Sorry it has taken me so long to post it but I didn't want to post a picture until he was clean. It has rained so much here and then we took him on two trips so he was really gross looking. Reginald and I are starting to bond more but it is still going to take me a while to get use to him.

An interesting thing to note about Reginald is that he came with OnStar. OnStar is pretty much standard on all GM cars now. The only thing that I knew about OnStar was that in a car accident and your air bags deploy that they would call 911 for you. But, there are more exciting things that you can do with OnStar.
With OnStar your car has a built in telephone. All you have to do is push the Phone Button and the car will say "OnStar Ready" then all you have to do is say call and whoever the person's name it is that you want to call. Then it will call the person's name. The blue button is to actually talk to an OnStar person in case you need directions, a phone number, or if you're having problems with your car they will do a vehicle diagnostic to tell you what is wrong with your car. Yeah I know that is creepy to me too. Reginald sends me e-mails every month to tell me what is doing on with him. The red button is in case you get in a car accident or need medical assistance.

At first I was freaked out by the whole OnStar thing but I guess it is nice to have in case of emergencies or if I lock my keys in my car. Chris likes having it because I get in car accidents a lot and he also likes being able to find me because I never have my cell phone turned on ring.


Kris said...

Reginald is BEAUTIFUL! I want one too! Love the pretty red color!!! We got a new truck last year that has OnStar. It is kinda weird, but we've kept it after the first year. Funny when you push the button to set it up--they know right where you are. Kinda makes you feel like they can tune in or know what you're doing anytime. Of course, we never do anything that would thrill anyone anyway. Hope you have a good Memorial Day Weekend!!

Bosch Family said...

Yes, it was very creepy that they knew where everyone was sitting in the car!! At least I'm not the only one who thinks it's kinda weird! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!