Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Help name the new car

Tomorrow I pick up my new car, a Saturn Aura. I didn’t get the SUV that I really wanted but I did get another Saturn. The dealership couldn’t make the payments work out on the Vue but they could make them work on the Aura. The Aura gets 22 in the city and 30 on the highway. Chris has always loved the Aura and since gas doesn’t seem to be going down I decided that I would take one for the team and get a car. But, I told Chris that eventually I want another SUV. I love driving SUVs, they make me feel safer. I know it’s all just a mental thing with me because I have had so many car accidents. But, I haven’t had a car accident since driving the Vue.

So, since we are getting another car I have to come up with a new name to name it. You might be thinking that it is strange that I would want to name a car, but I have named all of the cars that I have ever owned. The first one was a 91 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra named Arnold. I had two car accidents in Arnold and after the second one he went to the big salvage yard in the sky. So, then my parents bought me a 99 Saturn SL1, which I named Arnold the 2nd. I loved that car and would have loved to keep it but I traded that in for a 2002 Honda Civic EX which was named Jefferson. Jefferson was an evil car that we had many problems with. I won’t bore you with all of the problems but we traded that car in for my current car which is a 2005 Saturn Vue named Kenneth. There have only been two cars that I have really loved Arnold the 2nd and Kenneth. When I traded Arnold the 2nd in I cried and I have a feeling that tomorrow will be the same way. I would love to keep Kenneth longer but gas is killing us.

Chris says that I get to emotionally attached to cars, but I know several other people out there that get attached to their cars too. So, if you have any good car names you would like to suggest leave us a comment and let us know.


Mayline said...

Wow no suv! Does it have cruise control and a sunroof? Is it a boy or a girl? If it's a girl name it Gidget and if it's a boy Johnson :)
By the way... your a dork!

Bosch Family said...

Yeah I know no SUV! Yes, it has cruise control and a sunroof. If I was giving up my nice big SUV I was going to have a sunroof. I think that it will be a boy. I do like the name Johnson. I will keep it in the mix.

The Langhams said...

hey! um, what did you end up naming it? we just got a new car like 2 wks ago.

Kris said...

So, what did you name it? Is it a hybrid? How are you liking it so far? When you get time you should post some pictures so I can see what it looks like. I like the Saturn cars with three doors, that's a cool idea.

I've been reading your blog periodically. Sad to hear about Smokey. It's always hard to lose a member of the family. I know that's how I feel about my pets, too. Are you going to get a new guinea pig to keep Patches company? Or is he getting used to being alone?

Oh, I also wanted to tell you how nice your house and yard are looking! You and Chris are working very hard! I am anxious to see how the backyard turns out. That will be a fun project to do this spring to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Hopefully Larry and I can get some time off this fall to come over there and visit everyone and maybe spend a little time in that yard!!! One of my favorite things to do is sit outside under a tree with loved ones and a cup of coffee and talk. I am looking forward to doing that with you someday so we can really get to know each other!!

Geez, I am getting a little LENGTHY with my comment. Hope there's no character limit. Tell Dad I am really looking forward to seeing him this weekend. Take care and have a good rest of the week!!

Bosch Family said...

We decided to name him Reginald. He isn't a hybrid but he is a 4 cylinder which gets really good gas mileage. I think I got 27 miles to the gallon last time I filled up. I will defintely post pictures once I get him washed. He is a little disgusting right now because it has been raining.

Patches seems to be adjusting to being alone. So, I don't think that we are going to get another guinea pig.

I only have one more flower bed to weed and I have to get it weeded by Memorial Day because everyone is coming over for a BBQ. If you guys get to come up you will definitely have to come check out our backyard. The lady who owned the house before us had it professionally y landscaped so it looks really nice if its kept weeded!!