Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where did February go?

Well, we didn't post a single blog for February, not that February was uneventful but it seems like time is just slipping away sometimes. I will recap the major highlights for the month.....The first part of February was rather boring. We pretty much went to work and hung out with the animals. Although, one major event was that we got to met Coach Dave Van Horn at the Bentonville Booster Club meeting, here is a picture of that:

We had to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th since Chris had to go to Las Vegas for his meetings. Chris sent me a dozen beautiful red roses and he bought me red heels for Valentine's Day. I bought Chris an assortment of things which were a bedside decanter, a red blanket, and various other gifts. Thankfully Chris made it back in one piece from his trip but unfortunately he lost all of the money that he brought with him and all of the money that he won. He did win $600 dollars but lost it all in the high rollers room. But I guess the saying goes you win some you lose some right?

The end of the month was celebrated with the start of the Razorback Baseball season starting. We are really excited about the season starting back and we are all hoping for a really good season. One thing that I am really hoping for is warmer weather. The first series was extremely cold. Here is a picture of us from the first game:

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